You are stripping me of my natural state, only to put me back again. Feel me crumbling between your fingers – I am soft and moist as you move your hands beneath me and scoop more of me out of my habitat.

You are patting me down, packing me down among the rest of my family. Our dark brown bits and pieces have stained your favorite shirt – a beautiful white button-down that you decided to pair with dark blue jeans.

My neighbors have left traces of green on your feet as you walk across me, patting me even farther down among my family. You can feel me beneath your feet as I take refuge in-between your toes; you shake me off and I fly back down, landing softly on the earth from which I came.

You are looking down at me with a face of happiness as you gaze upon my fellow neighbors. Shaking the remnants of my family off of your hands, you run off into the distance and anticipate your mother yelling at you for getting your clothes dirty.



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