“Heil President Trump”


Image Source: CNN

As the Holocaust remembrance day passes, Americans are outraged at President Trump for his racist, homophobic, and misogynistic values. While many were grieving over a very dark time in history, Trump was passing a law that will prevent any and all Syrian refugees from entering the United States.

According to CNN, “The lesson here is that an international failure to welcome and protect refugees will lead to millions of vulnerable persons being trapped inside their countries of persecution, susceptible to being jailed, tortured, or killed.” Many citizens of the United States have compared Donald Trump to the dictatorship of Adolph Hitler. There have been numerous reports that Trump wants to pass a new law that will force all Muslims to wear a special badge – such as Hitler did with those who chose to practice Judaism.

After spending so long trying to reform the country, it appears that Trump has attempted to change America with laws that cater to Christian beliefs in the eight days that he has been in office. Many voters are outraged that Trump is in the process of revoking ObamaCare, making it more difficult to have a safe abortion procedure, and passing laws that discriminate against the LGBTQIA+ community. While the older generations are mostly pleased with these acts, the younger generations are terrified that President Trump will unleash World War III.

I pose this question to you – should Donald Trump be impeached for these first acts as President?


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